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Our Mission

We are an alternative ecological Spanish School which has been created in order to offer Spanish language programs. These programs also support and promote other local and community projects. We are a non-profit organization which aims to contribute to and defend the natural environment and wild life of Costa Rica . The communities along the Caribbean are at high risk due to many economic, political and social factors such as poverty, drug addiction and youth prostitution. These problems arise from a lack of self-sustainable small businesses that can help local people create their own family incomes. Other problems are political abandonment, lack of social and economic investment programs, the consequences of banana monoculture, agrochemical pollution of rivers and ecosystems, and a very violent deforestation.

By studying at Cahuita Spanish School , you will be contributing and supporting Costa Rica 's preservation, enabling us to coordinate with other rescue organizations which work to improve the future of the local people and regional ecosystems.